This website provides copies of my publications, background information for students who areinterested in the courses I teach at Boston College and Harvard University, and information aboutmy book,Addiction: A disorder of choice.

At Boston College, I teach an introductory course on psychology, titled: Brain, Mind, & Behavior, a lab practicum in which we conduct experiments on topics in psychology, and a seminar on addiction. At Harvard, I teach courses on addiction.

My current lab research is on a new method for measuring the allocation of attention. See the attention papers on the “Publications Page.” My current research on addiction uses epidemiological data to test how well treatment works and the relationship between social-economic factors, drug use, and drug overdoses. See for example, the preprint: Evidence that social-economic factors play an important role in drug overdose deaths on the “Publications Page.”

A brief biography and my CV are on the “Vita” page.

You can contact me at (617) 552-9287,heymang@bc.eduorgheyman@fas.harvard.edu.

505 McGuinn Hall, Department of Psychology, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA 02467.